Getting Started

Get Your API Key

Once you sign agreement with us, you will be given API Key to connect your game to Komoverse Ecosystem. Your API Key will be put into request header as X-Api-Key

API Endpoint (Development Server)

During development or integration, you can use this endpoint to mess around with our API.

API Endpoint (Live / Production Server)

After you finish integrating and testing your game to Komoverse API, you can change your endpoint to this server. Please note that development server account can not be used in production server.

API Reference

Komoverse API divided into two API groups, Player API and Admin / Server API.

Player API is used on your game client and require player login to authenticate API requests. This API use player's login token as Bearer Authorization.


Admin / Server API is used on your game server as this API did not require player login. This API use Basic Authorization method with client_id and client_secret.


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